If you want to automatically update Brewfile after brew install/uninstall, or mas install/uninstall please use brew-wrap.

homebrew-file/etc/brew-wrap has a wrapper function brew/mas.

Feature summary

  • It executes brew file init after such brew install automatically.

  • file can be skipped for non-conflicted commands with brew.

    • e.g.) init command is not in brew. Then, you can replace brew file init with:

      $ brew init
    • Such edit command is also in brew. In this case, brew edit executes original brew edit.

      • But you can use brew -e or brew --edit to edit Brewfile.
  • Users can add actions after Brewfile update by using _post_brewfile_update.

How to enable it

To enable it, just read this file in your .bashrc or .zshrc:

if [ -f $(brew --prefix)/etc/brew-wrap ];then
  source $(brew --prefix)/etc/brew-wrap

Or, for Fish Shell add the following lines in your to wrap brew command:

if test -f (brew --prefix)/etc/
  source (brew --prefix)/etc/

brew/mas function in brew-wrap executes original brew/mas if brew-file is not included.

Therefore, you can safely uninstall/re-install brew-file even if you have already sourced it.


Previously, brew-wrap was in bin/brew-wrap, and it was used like alias brew="brew-wrap".

If you have this obsolete setting, please delete and renew as above.

Direct call of brew-file subcommands

Some subcommands of brew-file can be used as a subcommand of brew, if the command is not in original brew subcommands.

Such init or casklist commands can be used like:

$ brew init # = brew file init

$ brew casklist # brew file casklist

With completion settings below, file is included in the completion list of brew.

In addition, the completion for brew file is also enabled, as same as brew-file command.


You can add actions after anytime Brewfile updated.

To add actions, define _post_brewfile_update function in your .bashrc or .zshrc, after brew-wrap, like:

 if [ -f $(brew --prefix)/etc/brew-wrap ];then
   source $(brew --prefix)/etc/brew-wrap

   _post_brewfile_update () {
     echo "Brewfile was updated!"