Following environmental variables can be used.

Name Description Default
HOMEBREW_BREWFILE Set place of Brewfile. “~/brewfile/Brewfile”
HOMEBREW_BREWFILE_BACKUP If it is set to not empty, Brewfile’s back up is made to HOMEBREW_BREWFILE_BACKUP when Brewfile is updated. “”
HOMEBREW_BREWFILE_LEAVES Set 1 if you want to list up only leaves (formulae which don’t have any dependencies, taken by brew leaves). 0
HOMEBREW_BREWFILE_TOP_PACKAGES Packages which are listed in Brewfile even if leaves is used and they are under dependencies. (Useful for such go, which is used by itself, but some packages depend on it, too.) “”
HOMEBREW_BREWFILE_APPSTORE Set 0 you don’t want to list up AppStore applications Brewfile. 1
HOMEBREW_CASK_OPTS This is Cask’s option to set cask environment. If caskroom or appdir is set with these options, Brew-file uses these values in it. “”
HOMEBREW_GEM_OPTS This is brew-gem’s option to set Ruby environment. “”