Help message of brew-file:

usage: brew-file [-f INPUT] [-b BACKUP] [-F FORM] [--leaves] [--on_request]
                 [--top_packages TOP_PACKAGES] [-U] [--preupdate] [-r REPO]
                 [-n] [--caskonly] [--no_appstore] [-C] [-y] [-V VERBOSE] [-h]
                 [command] ...

Brew-file: Manager for packages of Homebrew

requirement: Python 2.7 or later

optional arguments:
  -f INPUT, --file INPUT
                        Set input file (default: /Users/<USER>/.config/brewfile/Brewfile).
                        You can set input file by environmental variable,
                        HOMEBREW_BREWFILE, like:
                            export HOMEBREW_BREWFILE=~/.brewfile
  -b BACKUP, --backup BACKUP
                        Set backup file (default: ).
                        If it is empty, no backup is made.
                        You can set backup file by environmental variable, HOMEBREW_BREWFILE_BACKUP, like:
                        .    export HOMEBREW_BREWFILE_BACKUP=~/brewfile.backup
  -F FORM, --format FORM, --form FORM
                        Set input file format (default: none).
                        file (or none)    : brew vim --HEAD --with-lua
                        brewdler or bundle: brew 'vim', args: ['with-lua', 'HEAD']
                          Compatible with [homebrew-bundle](
                        command or cmd    : brew install vim --HEAD --with-lua
                          Can be used as a shell script.
  --leaves              Make list only for leaves (taken by `brew leaves`).
                        You can set this by environmental variable, HOMEBREW_BREWFILE_LEAVES, like:
                            export HOMEBREW_BREWFILE_LEAVES=1
  --on_request          Make list only for packages installed on request.
                        This option is given priority over 'leaves'.
                        You can set this by environmental variable, HOMEBREW_BREWFILE_ON_REQUEST, like:
                            export HOMEBREW_BREWFILE_ON_REQUEST=1
  --top_packages TOP_PACKAGES
                        Packages to be listed even if they are under dependencies and `leaves`/'on_request' option is used.
                        You can set this by environmental variable, HOMEBREW_BREWFILE_TOP_PACKAGES (',' separated), like:
                            export HOMEBREW_BREWFILE_TOP_PACKAGES=go,coreutils
  -U, --noupgrade       Do not execute `brew update/brew upgrade` at `brew file update`.
  -r REPO, --repo REPO  Set repository name. Use with set_repo.
  -n, --nolink          Don't make links for Apps.
  --caskonly            Write out only cask related packages
  --no_appstore         Don't check AppStore applications.
                        (For other than casklist command.)
                        You can set input file by environmental variable:
                            export HOMEBREW_BRWEFILE_APPSTORE=0
  -C                    Run clean as non dry-run mode.
                        Use this option to run clean at update command, too.
  -y, --yes             Answer yes to all yes/no questions.
  -V VERBOSE, --verbose VERBOSE
                        Verbose level 0/1/2
  -h, --help            Print Help (this message) and exit.

    install             Install packages in BREWFILE.
    brew                Execute brew command, and update BREWFILE.
    init                or dump/-i/--init
                        Initialize/Update BREWFILE with installed packages.
    set_repo            or -s/--set_repo
                        Set BREWFILE repository (e.g. rcmdnk/Brewfile).
    set_local           or --set_local
                        Set BREWFILE to local file.
    pull                Update BREWFILE from the repository.
    push                Push your BREWFILE to the repository.
    clean               or -c/--clean
                        Uninstall packages not in the list.
                        Untap packages not in the list.
                        Cleanup cache (brew cleanup)
                        By drault, cleanup runs as dry-run.
                        If you want to enforce cleanup, use '-C' option.
    clean_non_request   or --clean_non_request.
                        Uninstall packages which were installed as dependencies but parent packages of which were already uninstalled.
                        By drault, cleanup runs as dry-run.
                        If you want to enforce cleanup, use '-C' option.
    update              or -u/--update
                        Do brew update/upgrade, pull, install,
                        init and push.
                        In addition, pull and push
                        will be done if the repository is assigned.
                        'clean' is also executed after install if you give -C option.
    edit                or -e/--edit
                        Edit input files.
    cat                 or --cat
                        Show contents of input files.
    casklist            Check applications for Cask.
    cask_upgrade        Check updates of cask applications.
                        With -C, upgrade is enforced (old versions will be removed).
    test                or --test. Used for test.
    get_files           Get Brewfile's full path, including additional files.
    commands            or --commands
                        Show commands.
    version             or -v/--version
                        Show version.
    help                or -h/--help
                        Print Help (this message) and exit.

                        Check for more details.